Public Comment Period for Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan Amendment

The Towns in Southampton County are preparing a plan amendment to the 2022 Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan that outlines a mitigation action plan developed for each town. Individual actions were prepared by a Planning Committee that consisted of town representatives. Citizen participation is an important component of mitigation planning.  The planning team needs your opinion on ways to lessen the impact of hazards in Southampton County. Visit the links below to review the 2022 Hazard Mitigation Plan and the 2023 Southampton County Towns Amendments. You are welcome to comment on any portion of the amendment document, Appendix K. The Town of Boykins drafted/updated 8 Action Plans and we are asking that citizens at least review that portion (pages 7-14) and make a public comment to be submitted to the planning committee by June 7, 2023.  A paper copy of Appendix K and the Action Plans for Boykins are available at the town office. Request a copy by email at [email protected]. Submit a comment in writing, by email, or through the town website’s “Contact Us” page.


2022 Hampton Roads Hazard Mitigation Plan

Appendix K Southampton County Towns 2023 Amendment (Open for Public Comment)

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